In this article, you will learn how to become a doctor in the medical arts field. This article is for people who have been considering this career and would like to know more about it.

This article is all about how to become a doctor in the medical arts field, what education route you need, skills needed for success in this job, and career outlooks.

How to Become a Doctor in the Medical Arts Field?

There are two types of medical doctors.  One who works for government or community clinics and one who works in hospitals or clinics that are private, usually owned and operated by a medical institution.


The public clinic doctor will need to complete a 4 year college course of studies that will include human anatomy, physiology, microbiology, nutrition, forensic medicine and medical jurisprudence.

The hospital/clinic doctor must take an additional 1-2 years of post-graduate training in his specialty which will consist of his residency programs. So basically you will need to complete 5-6 years of college education before you can practice medicine freely.


There are multiple medical specialty areas that a residency program will cover. You can become a doctor in the medical arts field if you want to specialize in one of these areas:

  • Family medicine: covers issues of symptoms, diagnosis and treatment of illness in families and individuals.
  • Internal Medicine: this is the medical care given to patients with heart or respiratory problems, diabetes, kidney diseases, cancer or hypertension.
  • Pediatrics: care for children under age 18 years old for common illnesses and injuries. This includes pre-natal care, health care of newborns and children from ages 1 -18 years old. This includes diagnosis of problems like ear infection, diarrhea, pneumonia etc…
  • Surgery: the surgical specialty area that covers only the surgical process of an operation. The operative procedures that are done inside the human body usually do not require laboratory testing or X-rays into the body. So any surgical procedure could be considered surgery.

It may sound simple but as a physician, you will need to possess certain qualities and be very well trained in your specialty area if you want to succeed in this career:


  1. Ability to heal: as a doctor, you will need to be physically strong and mentally stable enough to know when someone is sick enough for medical intervention and know how to fix them with their condition even when they are not able to speak or realize their condition.


  1. Ability to think: as a doctor, you will need to think fast and be able to diagnose problems at first seeing them. You can’t hang around for days or weeks waiting for something to happen; you have to take action immediately and diagnose the problem right away. And there is no way in the world you will have time to study up on your diagnosis before you act. You could get sued!


  1. Ability to communicate and interact with patients: because you are a person, everyone has different personalities that sometimes become overwhelming when they are sick. In order for the patients to feel comfortable around you, you need to speak and interact with them in a way they can understand. Communication problems mean that they will not get help and will have to go through unnecessary suffering and pain.


  1. Ability to think outside the box: as a doctor, you need to be able to think outside the box. As someone who is pulled away from his work and family for days or weeks at a time, sometimes the problem may not be what he thought it was during his initial diagnosis. This means you will have to reassess your diagnosis and find out what is actually wrong with your patient if you want him/her cured.


  1. Being well educated: because you will need to be an expert in your specialty area and be able to provide very thorough treatment, you must be well educated in the field.


  1. Adaptability: as a doctor, you will need to learn how to deal with different kinds of people. Some patients will be very happy that you have treated them while some may not be so happy with your treatment choices and won’t hesitate to speak against you if they don’t get satisfactory results.


  1. Being humble about your success: most people who reach high positions would like to think that they are magically infallible; that they have these certain powers or skills that were given by God and no one else can do this better than them. But as a doctor, you will have to accept that there are things that you cannot cure and that you may not always be right about your diagnosis or prognosis. This means you need to be humble enough to acknowledge these instances and accept your mistakes.


The Medical Arts Career in the Future

How to Become a Doctor

How to Become a Doctor

With people living longer and healthier lives, it is obvious that opportunities for career advancement in the medical arts field will increase as well.  In fact, the demand for medical services is getting higher so it has been predicted that there will be numerous number of jobs available in this field.

This means that there will be more job openings than the people who would like to become part of this industry.


There is a growing need for medical services in other countries as well. If what you want is to make a lot of money and have the satisfaction of helping people at the same time, this kind of career will give you that.

At times, most doctors will be very busy treating patients to the point that they get stressed out and sometimes become depressed about the whole work load. But if you choose this first as your career; you will learn how to deal with stress and depression as you go along in your years of practice.

And there are always opportunities to change careers or accept an offer toward a more rewarding one; as long as you are willing to invest your time, money and energy into your education.

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