In this article, We will explore the important role of medical arts in today’s health care.

What are Medical Arts?

Medical arts are a field of healthcare that focus on the creative, innovative and expressive dimension of healing. They include interior and exterior design to help create a healing environment, education and training programs that teach the skills of medical arts, studios to teach hands-on creativity as well as workshops in writing, music, theater or dance with a health care theme. As health care has developed over the years, medical arts practice has focused more on the role of creativity in health care. The expression and experience of creative visualization has been a focus of research in mind-body medicine.


Importance of Medical Arts in Today’s Health Care

Today, Importance of medical arts is an emerging field within health care with the potential to enhance health and well-being. Medical arts encompasses all visual artists, dancers, musicians, actors, writers and others who bring their talents and gifts to health settings. For the past few years, medical arts has been growing in popularity. Many hospitals and health care organizations have taken on the role of promoting and encouraging medical arts by becoming creative partners right alongside their medical staffs. As medical technology has advanced to provide more sophisticated diagnostic tools, medical arts can play a critical role in ensuring that patients are engaged in their own healing process.


There is much evidence to show that the experience of creativity significantly enhances the healing process. The medical arts occupation can fall under the category of creative health care and focuses on helping patients to integrate their mental, emotional and creative lives in relation to their physical lives.


Art has the power to transform pain into art and consciousness into creativity. Medical arts creates a new experience for patients that can be life-altering. Patients who have access to this type of healing find an increased sense of peace, confidence, self-esteem and mastery over illness through art expression. A patient’s life can be transformed by an “artful” approach to healing.


Medical arts is a considered a therapeutic art form that promotes creativity and allows patients to express themselves in a safe and nurturing environment. Medical arts are both art and healthcare combined, with proven benefits for the patients’ healing process.


A Place of Rest for the Mind, Body and Soul

As we spend more time in health care facilities, we see changes that involve health care professionals encouraging patients to “think creatively” about their symptoms or their illness. The medical arts occupation addresses this issue by providing an outlet for creative expression through painting or drawing, musical composition, writing poetry or songs, doing sculptural work or drama or performing music.


Ralph Waldo Emerson wrote in 1841 in his essay, Nature, “The reason why the old painters were fond of depicting the human figure was because they knew that this was the most striking object amidst natural scenery.” In today’s health care setting, medical arts offers a place for patients to express themselves while sitting or lying down. It offers an entirely different therapeutic experience than being engaged in structured exercise or routine creative activities like craft making.


Medical arts practice addresses an area that is often overlooked: the restoration of dignity and self-respect through creative expression. When patients can create something new that previously existed only in their mind, they can see tangible evidence of their healing process.


Psychoanalysis had been an important art form for many years, but the discipline of psychoanalysis lacked a strong therapeutic voice. The medical arts occupation bridges that gap by creating an outlet for patients to explore past memories and debilitating symptoms; this can help the patient to create a new understanding of what has happened in their life that may lead to healing.


By providing a medium for creative expression through art therapy, medical arts can help those who have been traumatized by suffering see that there is light at the end of the tunnel. Medical arts helps patients to see something positive in their lives and allows them to make a move toward recovery.


Medical Art as a Healing Process

Medical arts has been proven to be beneficial to patients. The creative process in art therapy can help patients express their pain, anger, grief and other emotions in a healthy way that allows them to effectively resolve their issues. In the end, this helps the patient regain self-confidence, self-esteem and mastery over his or her life.


Music is also an important component of medical arts. Music touches all of our five senses, making it a powerful medium for healing. Through music therapy, patients are able to express their negative feelings (such as anger or anxiety) through lyrics or by playing instruments that are associated with certain emotions such as drums for anger and violins for sadness etc. Music has the power to induce a wide range of mental, physical and emotional changes.


Dance therapy is another vital component of medical arts. The mind-body connection is alive and well in dance movement sessions, which can include anything from simple walking to complex choreography. The medium of dance helps patients improve their physical condition while also healing their minds and bodies.


To summarize, medical arts combines the healing power of art with the therapeutic power of medicine. The integration of these two fields creates a unique and powerful effect on patients. The practice of medical arts has been proven to be a unique form of therapy that helps to improve physical health and mental well-being.




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