In this article, we will explore why the medical arts are important and how they can help educate a person on different topics in the medical field.

Medical arts are an important way to learn about different topics in the medical field. With all of the recent advances in technology, there is vast amount of knowledge on any given topic you choose to research. This article will explore why the medical arts are important and how they can help educate a person on different topics in the medical field.


Essentially, rhetoric is one of the first things a person learns in school as part of writing an argumentative essay. The primary goal of rhetoric is to persuade someone by using logical reasoning with persuasive rhetoric. In other words, rhetorical methods include verbal skills such as trying to persuade someone’s belief through facts, attention grabbing techniques (such as openers), and closing statements (which provide closure to the argument). In this article we will be using an example to demonstrate these techniques by looking at the medical field.

The medical field

With the advent of technology, including a computer, internet, cell phone, and smart phone, it is now much easier to research anything you want. Also, people today are much more interested in what is happening in the medical field than ever. With this interest and the advances of technology comes all kinds of new knowledge about such things as: diseases, cures in medicine, the human body and disease prevention. For example:


  1. Diseases were once thought to be caused by demons or bad spirits. Today we know that diseases are caused by viruses. In fact we have even discovered genetic mutations that cause illnesses especially cancer (American Cancer Society).
  2. In the past, diseases were thought to have been cured by magic or supernatural powers. Today we know that many diseases can be cured using antibiotics, vaccines and other medicines.
  3. The human body has been dissected and studied so much that today we know what makes us who we are. For example: our DNA is our genetic makeup (American Cancer Society). We also learn in school about how to take care of our bodies by exercising, eating a balanced diet to maintain a healthy weight and finally by getting enough sleep (National Sleep Foundation).
  4. Vaccines can help prevent diseases from spreading. For example, the flu shot protects a person from getting the flu. The measles vaccine is used to protect a person from measles which is a very common and serious bacterial disease that used to be deadly (National Sleep Foundation).
  5. In the past medicine was based on superstition, guesswork and faith but today medicine is based on factual data. This allows for more accurate diagnoses and treatments of patients. For example: patients today have access to computers, smartphones and smart phones that allow them to publish their medical conditions online for everyone in the world to read (American Cancer Society). By posting their medical conditions in social media, patients can let everyone know about their illness. For example, if they have an illness like cancer or diabetes, everyone will be able to read about it and know what the best treatment is for them (American Cancer Society). This allows for better results when treating a patient.


Medicine used to be based on faith and guesswork but now is based on facts and proven treatments. Another reason why “the medical field” is important is because of how much knowledge we have today. We are learning new things every day, which gives us more knowledge about diseases and the human body than ever before.

For example:

  1. We have all kinds of technology in our phones that allow us to help people in many ways. For example: we can research the medical condition of strangers before we ever meet them, see live streams on Facebook or Twitter as they are happening. This can be useful in helping a person who is sick or injured (American Cancer Society). When we are diagnosed with a disease like cancer, people from around the world read blogs and articles about each case and know what treatment works best for you (American Cancer Society). This helps create successful advances in medicine.
  2. In the past, doctors used to prescribe any magic potion they thought would help. For example: doctors used to give patients snake oil or alcohol before they had surgery because they wanted the patient to recover faster. Now doctors provide a treatment plan which is measured by facts and data instead of magic potions.


Our final reason why “the medical arts” is important is because of the research that has been done for years about diseases and how they are caused. Today we know more than ever before about how diseases are caused, when they are good or bad and how to prevent them from being contagious.

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